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  • Nimrod


    I programmed Nimrod by Elgar. I only used the VI Series (mainly SE1+2 and Apa-Strings).

    For Mixing I used the TeldexMirx, some EQs, Parallel Compression and Saturation.

    I think, the programming itself is quite good, but I am not a Mixing Engeneer. I feel like, it sounds a bit flat (and not only because of the Parallel Compression, but because of the Saturation).

    What are your opinions on this? Honest feedback would be really appreciated.

    Greetings, Jan

  • Bravo! I was really impressed by the climax you made. And also the strings and the total sound of the orchestra sound very well. With a very musical expression! Well done.

  • if you really want an honest opinion then I will give it - it does sound to me a bit flat and there is little in the way of through phrasing -- it's all rather bitty somehow. There's nothing really bad and one has to take into account there is a limit to what one can reasonably do with the VI Special Edition. For me, such a library is too clinical to give the sort of glow and fervour one really needs for this particular music unless you put a huge amount of effort into moulding it and even then, it's not so straightforward -- I doubt I'd have done any better. Perhaps something like the Appassionata Strings would be more the ticket here, not sure.

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