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  • VST3

    This is an urgent call for VE Pro supporting VST3: all our high-quality PlugIns come now with VST3!!

    Today the great Berlin Studio from Samplicity arrived for production: VST3 required as for most professional PlugIns - no chance to use within our VEPro Slaves!!!

    It would be a major drawback for our customers and collaborators if we cannot use their VST3 PlugIns on our server units.

    Very timely implementation is like a MUST for this otherwise fantastic software which currently becomes unusable for many practical purposes. We are really close to deadend with VE Pro!


    This is an honest and serious wake-up call from a decade long customer

    With love but also with great concern for the future

    Cubase 12 Pro Win 10 128 GB, VE Pro 7 on 5 Slaves

  • I second this 1000%!!!

    VE Pro is and has been a vital tool in my professional studio. Now with the latest release of Kontakt 7 (another vital tool) as VST3 only, it is unusable in the the current version of VE Pro. 

    I have also been a longtime dedicated user, I sincerely hope that attention is paid to this issue and a solution is reached before it becomes necessary to seek out alternatives.

  • VSL has responded to this request numerous times.  They are working on it.  

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    Until such time as VSL get their act together on VST3 support, you might want to take a look at Metaplugin from DDMF.

    The VST2 version of this wrapper, when used in VEPro7, is successfully able to host VST3 plugins including Kontakt 7 multis, which require multiple MIDI inputs and multiple audio outputs.

    I bench-tested Metaplugin today and have been able to easily setup large Kontakt 7 multis in VEPro7

    It provides for plugin Delay Compensation and offers up to x16 oversampling if needed and facilitates support for plugin parameter automation.

    For $59 you can install it on all your networked servers and the supplier provides responsive Customer Support.

    There is a Demo version available, but you can only save the plugin settings in your session with the Full version.

    It will suffice for the VST2-VST3 transition.

  • Thanks for the reply and link to Metaplugin. I will take a closer look.

    I have found a free plugin here -

    Haven't had the opportunity to fully test it out, but can say from limited use it works.