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  • Merging SY-zd and Synchron Slots in One Channel

    Synchron-ized instruments are outputted through one Mixer channel with an attached IR. 

    Synchron patches output through several Mixer channels (Room/Main/Main-C, etc.)

    If the user wants to put two Patch slots -- one SY-zd, one Synchron -- sounding simultaneously in one channel set, must he manually re-create each Synchron mixer channels by hand, then set the Synchron's Patch Slot's Output Config? 

    That is, is there no way to copy a Synchron patch slot and copy along with it its native Mixer channels when pasting it beneath a pre-existing SY-zd Patch Slot?

    (Yeah, if it sounds too confusing, never mind. I don't want to explain it again. :-) )

  • I do see the potentially huge amount of ball-ache involved in setting up a hybrid Synchron-plus-Sy-zd instrument. But I'm not sure what your idea includes when you say "and copy along with it its native Mixer channels".

    It appears the only "extra" data concerning the mixer that's included in a copied patch is the current routing matrix settings in Output Config for that patch (or just one mixer channel number in the case of a Sy-zd patch). And even so, unfortunately for intrepid pioneers, we can't directly copy/paste the Output Config matrix settings, nor choose whether or not to include Output Config settings when copying/pasting a patch.

    For more than that, I can't see any way of copying and pasting individual mixer channel strip settings, like in, for example, Logic Pro. Either loading a whole user or factory mixer preset, or else a bit of fiddly manual work, seem to be the only options, assuming this is what you have in mind. Perhaps the only 'easy' part is that manually adding and setting up the extra channel(s) in the mixer has to be done only once for the Synchron Player, for purposes of pasting Synchron patches into a Sy-zd dimension tree.

    That said, I applaud your pioneering spirit; it's sparked off several other ideas I now want to try - if I can face all the bloody fiddly work, lol.

  • Thanks Macker. You get it exactly. 

    "I'm not sure what your idea includes when you say 'and copy along with it its native Mixer channels.' "

    When the SY slot is pasted into a SYzd dimension tree, the hope was that the SY's output mix channels would be added to the SYzd Mixer tab. So if, in its native SY habitat, the SY patch slot outputted to the common Main / Main-C / Mid / Close channels, those channels would be also pasted into the target Mixer tab.

    I'm not complaining. VSL has bigger fish to fry than this, I know. 

    "...we can't directly copy/paste the Output Config matrix settings."

    Yes. In the porting over I described, each Patch Slot had to have its Output Config separately configured. It's not like the Setting page, for example, where setting can be copied and pasted to different instances. I think the ability to cut and paste Output Configs might be a reasonable feature request -- sort of like the ability to drag SY mixer channel's for re-ordering. 

    "... setting up the extra channel(s) in the mixer has to be done only once...."

    Right. It was the only silver lining in the process. 

    My reason to do this was something of an anomaly. For a two-staff trombone display (three trombones and a tuba), I sought SYzd Dimension trombone three and SY Tuba to sound in a stack for a2 performance on the second staff. Alas, there is no SYzd Tuba, so I resourced the SY Tuba. Hence the merging of SYzd and SY in a single instance.

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