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  • Instrument Window Not Appearing on Start Up

    Though I save VESP files exactly as I'd like, with three separate windows for VI instruments ( instrument / MIR / mixer ), it does not reload properly. Instrument is missing, I have to re-select the instrument (though it's already selected / highlighted ), then either use the drop-down menu View > Instrument or hit F4. And then I have to run a "Restore Default Window Layout" command to correctly apportion the three windows.

    I have to do this for every instance each time I open the file.

    Has anyone experienced this, and is VSL aware of this behavior? Is there a setting I've overlooked? This is using VE 7.1.1406, VI 2.6.99. 

  • Same for me till iLok transfert.

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    @Home Studio 87 said:

    Same for me till iLok transfert.

    Thanks for responding, but I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying it happened before you switched to iLok, or it started to happen after you switched to iLok? 

    Beyond that, from the silence on this thread and no response for VSL, I may be dealing with this annoyance on my own. Such is computing. It's about twenty separate clicks after each power-up to get all instruments visible in a three-pane array.  

  • 1390 Not Recalling Screen Layout/311949

  • Greetings Macker. I'm grateful for your note and the link. Indeed I had read that thread this summer, but it didn't click that it was the same problem.

    In a world of bugs, the first hope is a fix. But hopes two and three are that other users observe it, and company acknowledges the problem. Paul's comment was two months and two days ago, so hopefully it won't be much longer. 

    Thanks again.