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  • [SOLVED] Bass Saxophone library won't appear in synchron player

    My bass saxophone library is activated in the iLok licenser, and it's in the correct location (an external SSD.) My Vienna Synchron player scans this path, the path that I installed the saxophones to. The saxophones just will not show up. I had BBO installed and that showed up in the player (tho it didn't work unfortunately, that's another issue for another day), so I cannot figure out why this library would not. I've reinstalled the saxophone library several times, I've reinstalled the synchron player just now, still won't work. I've used both the standalone application and the VST version to no avail. 

    If any additional information needs to be provided, let me know. I really want to use these saxophones and its frustrating that my user experience has gone so poorly thus far. 

  • Hi,

    The Saxes are Not Synchronized yet … This should be a VI Library for the VI Player instead SY Player. 
    Exception: you use the SY Special Edition. Then you are right.

  • thanks a bunch, didn't know that. working fine now

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