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  • VI Pro 2 and Synchron Player: Huge intermittent CPU spikes, even with no MIDI activity

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    See video:

    Oftentimes, even when there's no MIDI activity or anything happening within my DAW (Mainstage), VI Pro 2 and Synchron instances will experience huge spikes, as seen in video.

    What is causing this and how can I prevent it? I've had a number of embarrassing crashes during live shows and I think this is a huge reason for it. I'm very depressed because I just got a big NYC break and feel like I'm blowing it because of this.



    Computer: Macbook Pro 2021, Apple M1 Max chip, 64 gig ram, MacOS 12.5.1

  • I mean really, look at this. All these huge spikes even while everything is completely at rest. I even did a MIDI reset before this.