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  • MIR3D and UAudio LUNA

    Has anyone found a way of making LUNA and MIR3D work together  ?

    I built a Template with about 5 Instantiations of the Synchron Hall.


    Hall 1 - Percussion

    Hall 2 - Strings

    Hall 3 - Wood winds

    Hall 4 - Brass

    Hall 5 - Saxophones

    Each of the instruments was also in a corresponding family Group (Strings/Brass/Woodwinds etc).

    No problem getting this to work beautifully during setup and I could drag Groups or individual instruments between the Halls.

    However on shutting LUNA down and reopening I find most, but curiously not all the instruments gathered back together in Room 1 - Percussion. Curiously the Saxophones have survived intact as a Group in their positions in the correct Hall.

    The rest of the Template is however, destroyed, and all the Group names have also been lost, apart from the Instruments in Group 1. All subsequent Groups have defaulted back to (No Group) and this includes the Saxophones which are in the correct positions in the correct Hall but have also lost their Group identity.

    Has anyone had any success with LUNA ?

  • Hi Louis,

    I don't use UAD hardware here, so I can't test LUNA myself. Chances are that there's UAD hardware available in one of the machines of VSL's support team, though. Please write mail to with reference to this thread; maybe there's someone who has been testing this quite exotic ;-) DAW already.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Cool - many thanks Dietz - I've sent it.

    The Multi Room Tabbed interface of MIR3D has transformed the way I work and I'm loving the sound and the workflow but LUNA is an exceptional sounding DAW .... I know it sounds ridiculous but I've been doing this a long long time and LINA is really quite mind blowing resulting in a Less is More approach to creativity (which is a good thing ... hehehe).

    If it could be made to work with MIR that would be great - in the meantime though it's either back to a large single room as it used to be in MIR originally in LUNA or as I'm doing right now - Logic and MIR3D  ... because MIR3D is simply astonishing.