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  • Expression Map - Synchron Strings Pro - Measured Tremoli

    Hi All

    I'm using Nuendo and the "VSL_Synchron_Strings_Pro_Expressionmaps_v.1.0" expression maps. Usually I can find out what combinations to use to access specific articulations, but I've now tried the first time to used measured trem --> 160 bpm and did not find a way to achieve this – even after looking around in the expression map editor. In fact, the only speed I seem to be able to trigger is 130 bpm. Can anyone help me?



  • Hi Sandrew!

    You are correct that with the Synchron Strings Pro expression maps only the 130 bpm variant of the measured trems gets triggered. If you look at the slot-name, you might see an asterisk at the end of "130 bpm*". This means that this is the recorded tempo and the other tempo slots are time-stretched versions. So if you simply edit the 130 bpm slot the following way, you will always get the correct tempo for measured tremolos:
    - Select the slot "130 bpm*" and go to the EDIT page.
    - Click Stretch On and Sync Tempo 1x

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hey Andi, thanks for the explanation.

    That is interesting. So do I understand correctly: The 130bpm is the recorded material. The other tempi are rendered versions of the time-strech algorithm. If this is the case: Is there a possibility to render additional versions with other tempi? That would be great, bc the real time time-strech algorithm is very CPU intensive and to render-in-place in the DAW is rather cumbersome. 

    Another question: The measured repetitions of "Synchron Brass" don't have the asterisk behind any of the tempi. Does that mean that these are all original recordings?

    Regards, Sandrew

  • Hi Sandrew!

    You did understand correctly. 130 bpm is the recorded material. The other tempi are rendered versions.
    It's not possible to render different tempos with Synchron Player. This has to be done in your DAW.
    The missing asterisk for the Synchron Brass fast repetitions doesn't mean that they are all original recordings.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library