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  • July 11 VEP7 - Synchron UPDATE Crashes LOGIC

    I just updated and tested VEP7 and Synchron Player on Mac Rack Monterey 12.4 and 75% of my Logic Sessions tagged to VEP7 simply just crash.

    I noticed that MIR Pro 5.4.16751 starts up - because I am using it in these sessions.

    I notice that the update changing states it was an update FOR MIR3D

    I notice that rolling back works.

    I rolled back and am opening just like before.

    So, what's up with this update? It's messing up with my MIR24 and won't work...

    Not wanting to upgrade MIR3D right now - but it seems like you BROKE functionality with previous version of MIR.



  • Hi

    Same here. Logic crashes when I insert the VE Pro AU3 plug-in on a track. I'm working with macOS 12.4 too.


  • I just tested, and indeed, logic crashes on MacOS 12.4

  • Hi, 

    We're aware of this issue with the beta AU3 and any Logic version in Monterey (only on M1 processors).

    I hope we can offer a fix for this soon. 

    Sorry to have no better news at this point.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi,

    Here the AU3 crash also occurs on a Mac with intel processor (Monterey 12.4, Logic 10.7.4) (so not only M1 I'm afraid).



  • Yup same situation here.

    How can we roll back to the June 2 version? It does not roll back to that version for me.

  • Today there was an update that fixed the AU3 crash for me (VE Pro 7.1.1384).

    Thanks VSL for the quick resolution!


  • Just saw update Synchron Player and VEP7 - I also installed MIR3D and updated rooms

    So far testing it works. Reporting this combination:

    Monterey 12.4

    Logic 10.7.4

    Latest MIR3D - VEP7 - Synchron Playa