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  • VEP7 AU plugin crash on left arrow key

    Latest VEP7, intel i9 Mac latest


    1) Launch VEP7 and create a new instance

    2) Add channels for any two 3rd party AU plugins (VST plugins and Synchron Player do NOT suffer from this bug): could be Kontakt AU, SINE player AU, Spitfire Originals AU... your pick

    3) The bottom channel should be selected, just press the left arrow key which should select the next higher channel...but.....

    => Immediate crash out of VEP7, Mac desktop is all you see

    I thought I saw a bug fix announced of something like this at some point recently, but if so, it has regressed.

    (Also, I posted a lot of feedback (much of it positive) in this forum on Synchron Prime Edition and it all got deleted. Fear not criticism. The "Johann Strauss rather than Richard Strauss" line I'm not letting go of, that was bullseye. But I do like your stuff anyway.)

  • Also, you have an off-by-one error in the sizing of your instance elements for drag-and-drop re-ordering.

    1) Make 200 instances in a new project (this is reasonable for a Logic workflow of instrument-per-instance)

    2) Use vertical instance orientation, placing them on the left (the natural place for large instance count projects)

    3) Drag and drop the 200th instance up to the 180th for example

    => Your drop location will be lower than where you are dragging, likely because you are miscounting the size of each instance element

    And btw, when you add a new instance, it should be placed immediately below the current selection, using the color of the selected instance, and not at the very end of the list, using whatever color is last. Which forces an extremely cumbersome and time consuming drag back up to the top and re-coloring of any new instance you add to such a project.

    Impress me.

  • Another thing. Seems that MIDI controller assignments don't survive my typical power cycling of instances, at least when on disk. Annoying to have to re-learn them all the time.

    (I'm not actually certain what the repro steps are here. But these are steps I do, and it keeps failing. I would explore what exactly breaks it; it's something along these lines.)

    1) Create a new instance, with an instrument plugin of your choice, and add a VST or AU FX plugin to the channel.

    2) Create a new MIDI controller over there on the right of the screen, learn the controller assignment, and learn the plugin parameter to use for it.

    3) Power off the instance, and save the server project.

    4) Quit VEP, relaunch it and open the saved server project, open the instance and power it on.

    => MIDI controller will still have its source assignment but not its target asssignment into the FX plugin which will be blank and won't work.

    I power the instances on only when I need them, as I have > 150 instances, one per instrument, as makes sense for Logic.

  • Hi spicemix, 

    Trying to catch up here. 

    1) Couldn't reproduce the left-arrow crash... Can you please send us the crash report?

    2) Please send me such a typical 200 instance project to check quickly. 

    3) Please send us a project that has your setup of the MIDI Controller failing. Any screenshots will also help. 

    Thanks, that should speed up the bug-hunt!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Bug MIDI Controllers Break When Saved As In Off State/311881