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  • Syncron Crashes

    Hi, I think this may have been raised before but here is another one.

    Since moving to Ilok my program crashes with utmost regularity whenever I use Syncron Instruments. Using a PC on Windows and Cubase 12. I have tried to adjust cpu settings and also the buffer but it still crashes (with 128GB ram). It doesn't happen with the older VIPRO instruments, or indeed instruments and programs from any other software provider. I have persevered for quite a long time with the situation but it is extremely difficult to work with. 

    Would be delighted (and relieved) to see the problem fixed.

    Best regards,


  • Hello Woy, 

    Thanks for reporting!

    You should get an error message after the crash, and the possibility to send that crash report to (and you can add your email address)... Did you do that, by any chance? Do you have your system ID?

    The best idea is to get in touch with our team via, with all available documentation and reproduction steps!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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