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  • Solo Strings Con Sordino


    Just a line to remember how much the Synchronized Con Sordino Solo Strings are missing. It would be really nice to have them here with us!


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    Would like to see Con Sordino for Elite and Pro strings too!

  • I absolutely agree. I just switched back to BBCSO for the strings for several scores which need longer con sordino passages because neither Elite, nor Pro, nor FX Strings have CS. I really do not want to use an additional library in the middle of a piece just for this articulation. There is a simulation app from numerical sound but I am not sure it works with the Synchron libraries. They only advertise VSL VI support. Sound is not bad however.

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    Especially with MIR PRO 3D, that make the SYNCHRON-ized libraries even better (!),
    "SYNCHRON-ized Muted Solo Strings", or as the name of the VI version: "SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings II",
    it should be a great addition to my libraries!
    And what a great plus would be, is that we can use then the Timbre Adjust tool, which has become an indispensable tool for me. 

  • A place in my extended template has been reserved for Synchron-ized Solo Strings Con Sordino, or as MMKA correctly intuits, "Synchron-ized Solo Strings II."

    Beyond that, nothing is certain but death and taxes... and Synchron Pro and Elite Con Sord Strings. 

    When, I haven't a clue. 

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    @Mavros said:

    There is a simulation app from numerical sound

    How do you find the simulated con sordino mixpreset recently added to the Synchron strings libraries?


  • VSL crossgrade prices are so low, I feel like I should leave a tip. 

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