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  • Server Project - Instance - Project (a mess?)


    We all get accustomed - Server Project have many instances and every instance is Project or many projects merged into one. It's okay whatever they are named. At least everything works!

    1) But why we cannot open Project in empty VEPro? We need to add an empty instance which will be automatically closed before loading Project. Maybe there should be a button right after "+" sign on program's desktop that depicts the project opening? Now it's a mess - you create instance just to have Instance menu available where is "Open Project" command. But by opening project program always create an instance if you didn't choose Merge. 

    2) Is Instance a Project of Is Project an Instance? None of two or both :) So moving on to meet the next versions maybe there can be a temporary merge of many projects and also saved as .vep64, but just have an information which .vep64 are included in project (instance). In such version of Project there could be a list of Projects merged in Instances (Project)... See, how strange is that we need to mention both just not to mess on then. Otherwise I don't see a real purpose why such naming used. And I know others are wondering too.

  • ????

    There's no problem opening Server Projects in an Empty VEP.

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  • Bill, I'm talking about Project not Server Project. The Project open command is in Instance menu (that is hidden while there is no Instance added), not File menu.

  • So no one can answer - If we start VEPro server, it is empty. We need to add one instance just to have Instance menu available and then can open saved Project (not Server Project, but Instance named Project). So why not to allow Instance menu with commands that allow to open and create new?

    Even more - If we create new Instance just to have a list of previously saved Instances (project, not Server Projects), then after selecting Project from recent list or folder, VEPro is asking do we need to save existing Instance. Why? It is empty and created just to have menu item accessible. I see this very very stupid.

    There are also another little bugs, but they are not so significant and can stay where they are comparing to this mess.

  • You can drag and drop a .vep64 file onto an empty server project and it will open it.

    Or you can double click a .vep64 file and it will open it into a server project, empty or not.

    Or you can import an instance (it's in the File menu) from an existing .vesp64 file into an empty server project.

    Take your pick.

  • Those are features of free software, not professional. It's like free software developers are too lazy to do more helpful things and pointed to use core features of operational system.

    Then why we have Open Server Project if it can be dragged in using Finder or Windows Explorer? Imagine they spent at least 10 minutes to add such feature - File -> Open. Bet here I'm asking to unhide existing menu item. It would take less than 10 seconds.

    By the way Thank you. Very helpful.