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  • Synchron Libraries not loading all articulations in DAW

    I have a annoying issue since I started using iLok. I open a piece in Logic or Cubase which has a number of Synchron instances and when I start playback an umber of instruments are not playing.

    When I go to the plugin, it looks like the first screenshot. A number of articulation options are crossed out in red. Only solution I found it to go to each instrument and reload the it in the list by double clicking.  It is sort of random. If I have 10 instruments all VSL Synchron, 2 may load OK and the rest have to opened and with a double click the instrument has to be reloaded.


  • Hi Mavros, 

    A red cross means that the sample data couldn't be found... shouldn't be like that. 

    Any way to reproduce this reliably? Could it be that your drives are not constantly connected? Did you try different locations?

    => You should use the Vienna Assistant to MOVE sample data between drives  => Click on the 3 dots on the product pics.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, that is not it, all my libraries are on my build in MBP SSD. I especially bought a large one to have all libraries at hand without having to carry around an external SSD. Just clicking on the instrument in the Synchron player loads theM correctly without having to specify a path.

    Does the incomplete loading maybe have something to do with iLok? I  have my licenses in the cloud but do have it running and am signed in before opening a DAW or Dorico.

  • Hello Mavros, 

    Please send some more screenshots to that illustrate your situation, with a quick link to this thread. 

    We will do our best to reproduce this situation, this is quite unusual.... But I'm sure we can fix it. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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