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  • using the free iLok libraries

    I though it would be a nice idea to try out the Soft Imperial piano as a quick way of checking there would be no problem running my present eLicenser libraries together with a single new iLok one. A mistake! When I installed this library using the Vienna Assistant, it also installed a new iLok version of the Synchron player which seemingly overwrote my old one and as a result, my entire Synchron collection was no longer available. I only managed to recover after uninstalling the Synchron player and reinstalling the old one (v1.1.2063) for eLicenser.

    I have no idea how it is possible to try out this piano or any other free instrument without trashing my existing installation. I have no time or desire to convert my libraries to iLok at this stage. Any suggestions? I'm also unclear whether this piano should be accessed through the iLok Synchron player or whether there is possibly an iLok Synchron piano corresponding to the eLicenser Vienna Synchron pianos, though I see no sign of such a thing

    UPDATE Reading further, it seems that it is impossible to mix Synchron eLicenser and Synchron iLok libraries. If this is the case, then I clearly cannot try out or purchase any new libraries until conversion. 

  • Hi, 

    That's correct, you need to decide for each player platform if you want to go with eLicenser or iLok. 

    You can still test-drive the new free instruments, but in that time, you won't be able to use eLicenser libraries with the iLok Synchron Player. 

    Here are a few thoughts about transition strategies


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul, 

    I have an issue whereby I cannot see any of the free Hello libraries I have installed to my ilok on my ilok license manager. That is, they have been installed via Vienna Assistant (and showing on my product page on but nowhere to be seen in ilok license manager.

    Having logged into the ilok website, they are all listed there in the 'My Licences' along with my other licences section but they are not showing a location. Any ideas?

    Incidentally I have removed my elicensor keys.


    Best wishes


  • Hi Chris, 

    Best idea is to get in touch with our support team:

    Please include screenshots of your situation, I'm sure we can fix this!

    I can see that the licenses have been deposited to your iLok account but have not yet been activated. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank Paul. Just emailed them.

    Best wishes Chris