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  • BOOSTER: Tutorials for Synchron Prime Edition - FREE DEMO!

    Hello everybody, 

    Our great composers have agreed to provide us with their arrangements and we managed to prepare them for your favourite DAWs, and best of all, we are throwing in FREE DEMO LICENSES for the Synchron Prime Edition for the time of the introductory pricing!

    Special thanks to our new team member Gabriel for his outstanding work!

    Find video walkthroughs for each song right here and on our YouTube Channel, more on the way

    Ready-made songs are available for these DAWs:

    • Logic
    • Cubase
    • Pro Tools
    • Digital Performer (macOS VST version-)
    • Studio One

    To recreate these songs in other DAWs, please import the included MIDI file into your sequencer and load the numbered Synchron Player presets we provided into the corresponding Synchron Player instances for each channel.

    To have the prepared Synchron Player presets available in your Synchron Player instances, please save at least ONE user preset from within your Synchron Player software. This will create the correct structure to save and load your user presets from the User Presets folder, as shown in the Synchron Player manual.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • In the 4th tutorial, the logic zip file contains the wrong file.

  • Dear dbudde,

    Already fixed, you can download a new Version 1.3 from the Vienna Assistant where also the 4th project contains the correct LogicX File

    All the best 


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    One more demo "Jurassic Park"

    I take the liberty to attach another (unofficial) demo here.
    Here you can read more (John Williams, Jurassic Park Highlights) 

    To make all the music still sound perfect... you could create various midi controller tracks - or make an audio mix.
    This demo relies on "audio mix". Render each instrument as an audio file (by the way, a good idea for storing a piece of music "into the future") and create the controller curves on the audio side. Use several Presets and compare them. If you don't want to create audio files yourself - I've already done that for you, too. You can also download all audio files right now if you want and try your own Audiomix... go also >>>here (Project-Files). And that's how it sounds...

    Jurassic Park, played with Prime Edition, is what it's all about...

    Have fun! Beat

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
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