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  • Vienna Unable to Deposit License in iLok

    Greetings from Hollywood,

    First, allow me to congratulate the Vienna team on a smooth transition to iLok.

    I've downloaded approximately 50 of the 100 or so VSL products I'm licensed to use.

    But then I purchased the Synchron Harp about 30 hours ago, only to be told Vienna was unable to deposit the license into my iLok account. When will this be solved, and why can't I have a temporary elicense while I wait?

    Sychron Harp was an elicense product a couple of weeks ago. There has to be a way.


    Mike B.

  • Hi Mike B, 

    I'm surprised that you'd post such a specific question in our user forum, when we have been in touch via customer support for quite a few times. 

    Anyway, should be solved now. Hope you are having a great Sunday evening. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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