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  • Performance Legatos with more attack options

    I know I asked this several times, but what's the status with "Inveral Map" as a controller in the Synchron Player? Or maybe there will be another way of doing something similar?

    For some instruments we have these "marcato starts", but it's limited. On the longs they are controlled via velocity, on the legatos, we don't have this option. The attack variations for the strings are nice, but useless for me. And I'm not a big fan of key-switches.

    I think it would really be useful for many users to have a variety of short notes for the start of legato phrases. In my VI player presets I can have all kinds of shorts (spiccato, staccato, portato, marcato) as starting note for a phrase. And in addition to that I can even layer them depending on velocity or speed, i.e. if I press the key harder I will have a longer shorts patch. 

  • BUMP!

    As I recently bought several new Synchron libraries I really miss the "Interval Map" controller as said already several times.

    If it's tricky to implement I can understand, but I don't need the entire function, only the starting note. You already have this feature available with the marcato starts. I only want to have more attack options and play shorts and longs with one-and-only "performance" patch.

    I have a new idea:

    Why not give parallel mode another option? We currently have "Mix" and "XF". What about "Mix, only starting note"? Okay, it's not the same as Interval Map, because I can't change the attack of the sustain on the first note, but it comes close.

    I'm really looking forward to some feedback. You have so many great features and ideas with your software. Please make it finally happen!

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    I am not quite sure if I have understood correctly. You are obviously interested in being able to shape the first note of a whole legato group of notes differently?

    If so: Choose any articulation - e.g. "sfz". - and set the keyswitch for legato while the first note is still playing. The legato sound is also already set between the first note - in our case sfz - and the second note.
    So you can start legato note groups with sfz, sffz, sus, détaché, dim, or whatever. Of course, it means a bit more diligence in setting keyswitches, but that's what makes the music.
    Here you can hear this technique... or of coarse here.

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Thanks, Beat.

    But I'm not interested in keyswitches at all. My whole point is to bring the patch handling forwards and reduce keyswitches. I want a "performance legato" which Spitfire (*) had introduced; more and more developers also make something similar. Keyswitches is a really traditional, old-school system which absolutely is no fun to play. I want to concentrate on performing and not to think about switching articulations.

    VI Pro has "Interval Map" as controller type. And it does what I want. In my opinion, the Synchron Player need some more innovations in this regard; VI Pro has more features.

    It's not only about attacks, I want to play all kinds of shorts and longs, depending on velocity and speed (the way I set it up in VI Pro). With "Interval Map" I can influence both the starting note and the intervals. So I can layer shorts on the legatos, too, for example.


    (*) If you should not be familiar with Spitfire's performance legato, just search Google: "spitfire performance legato" and you will see what it does.

  • OK. Sorry that I did not understand you correctly. Everybody has his own preferences to control all the things with the samples. Especially when you use different products, of course you want a unified system - I understand now.
    Good luck and enjoy making music with samples.


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • Hi,

    Can you remind me of what exactly 'Interval Map' does in VI-Pro ?  Completely forgot about it, since I no longer use VI-Pro. only Synchron Player now. I would love to see a good video tutorial on making a performance legato patch in Synchron Player. If that is possible, or maybe VSL will make some Performance Legatos for us in future updates. I feel this is one of the current weakness of VSL Synchron Player, too much reliance on Key-Switches. which honestly, I'm not a big fan of. 


  • Have a look here: The Synchron Player doesn’t have this feature. I have been talking to VSL for years and emailed them my VI Pro matrices (simplified) and other ideas. Maybe they are not interested in this… But it immensely reduces keyswitches. VSL has a vast pool of patches with which one could make really clever performance patches, not only legatos. This is the future, not keyswitches.

  • Bump!

    I know, you guys at VSL don't talk about future releases, but the integration of Interval Map was on the agenda some very long time ago. Would be nice to hear something. Maybe it's really too complicated with the dimension trees? I mean you could add something like a "mini" module which is nested in one of the dimensions and then opens in another window (something like an "expert" mode and maybe looks exactly like Interval Map in VI Pro) where you can change the patches.

    In the meantime I have made a small detour (see the attached screenshot).

    I have made a preset with legatos and shorts which are triggered by velocity. On higher velocities (around 80) I play shorts and on lower ones I trigger legato. It's by far not the best option, but at least I can have shorts and longs in one patch. It's limited, because I can't control the shorts with velocity.

    My dream scenario goes even further and that's currently not possible. I know, I know it's very complex, but it can absolutely be achieved with a clever combination of dimensions. The only thing missing is an option to choose only the "starting note" and "playing intervals/legato" (as with Interval Map).

    I want something like this:

    [Dimension Controller 1: Interval Map]
    Starting Note: Sustain with altered, longer attack curve ----------> [Dimension Controller 2: Velocity]
    Intervals (definable time threshold): Legato ----------> [Maybe: Normal Legato < > Fast Legato]

    [Dimension Controller 2: Velocity]
    Staccato ----------> [Dimension Controller 3: Speed]
    Portato ----------> [Dimension Controller 3: Speed]

    [Dimension Controller 3: Speed]
    Staccato Bold < > Staccato Agile
    Portato Bold < > Portato Agile