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  • VEpro 7 bug with SINE player

    I have found some problems here with OT SINE in VEpro. I am on an iMac Pro with the latest macOS Monterey and also the latest version of Cubase, VEpro7 and SINE.

    The most obvious and easily reproducible is this: if you have several VST instances of SINE loaded into a VEpro server instance, loading the file fresh, the Sine Window is out of sight when you click the first track. That repairs itself when clicking the second track. The SINE plugin is now editable. Now I use the cursor keys to switch between different SINE instances - no problem! Then, I switch to a different tab in my SINE instance (e.g. to the mixer tab). After that, the next time I switch tracks with the cursor keys, VEpro crashes.

  • The AU version of Sine seems to work fine in VEpro7.

  • Not saying that it is not a SINE issue, but I've seen that exact issue with a lot of plugins over the years.

    Definitely send all the issues you have to OT's support, so we can investigate! The newest version of SINE should for example fix some freezes in VE Pro.

  • Well (NB., I'm not VSL), that doesn't replicate here and sounds systemic, with select via arrow being problematic (I haver seen similar on systems of mine btw). SINE will not remember its window settings in VEP at all here, however.
    It never has, though.

  • Using SINE was looking real dodgy here until they did that recent hotfix, with audio not happening unpredictably.

  • Ok, I See now, that this is not only with SINE. It happens with Kontakt as well. I have found a perfectly reproducible recipe to crash VEpro (and Cubase with it). You just switch to any Instrument-UI, edit something the via mouse and use the cursor key to move up the instrument list ... boom! Works every time for me. Don't you guys have that problem?

    My list of problems with SINE in general is long, however! I am surely gonna send it to OT-support, Tobias. It will just take me some weeks to get that list ready, I am afraid. :-)

  • I got it to crash by doing it several times in rapid succession. First couple of times, no.
    This was in Synchron Player in a Synchron Library product btw.

  • Doing it not-in-any-hurry, no, it's fine here. 

  • However fast you do it: a crash should not happen! That means I am not the only one who is getting crashes related to handling the UI.