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  • Vienna assistant, install very slow

    Dear VSL,

    I am instllaing all my librarys againg, around 3,5Tb

    I have downloaded the files to my local ssd and are installing to an external sdd

    The transfer speed are around 10-15 mb/s, so the process will take close to 100 hours in all.

    Are ther something I can do to speed up the process?

    Ps. Both ssd are NTFS




  • Hej Martin,

    NTFS indicates you're running Windows. You may know this already, I've heard quite a few horror stories about built in Windows Defender Antivirus software (or some other anti-virus software) severely lowering performance, especially for sample libraries, which requires a lot of file access and often.

    The solution often is to add your source and destination folders to an exclude list, so that the Windows Defender stop checking at every file access. That, of course, has it own set of problems, so you'll have to do your own risk assessment.  

    PS. You may have to restart your computer before seeing the effect of adding folders to the exclude list. 

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