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  • "Static/Artefact" noise in Ymir?

    Hello guys!

    I was working on a project and some weird/static noise caught my ear. After a few tests, I figured out it came from Ymir. At first, I thought it was the plugins I had used on it...But, after bypassing everything, the noise was still there.

    I tested on other libraries from the BBO and I didn't find any other issue...

    I recorded a few chords just to let you hear it and see if you have the same problem.

    I tested it in a new blank project in Cubase 11, I don't have any plugins on it. All I did was reduce the release to 10 to better hear the problematic sound. removing the reverb didn't change the problem and I played with the mics to hear it better...It is particularly "hearable" on the room-mic.

    The static sound seems prominent on the "mmm" articulation so that's what I recorded. But it ispresent on the others.

    Could you please tell me if you can replicate or if it is just me? Cause, the library has been released for almost a year and I couldn't find anything on the forums and I doubt I would have been the only one noticing!

    Thanks for reading!


    PS : (you might want to bump up the volume a bit, because the noise is easier heard in the reverb tail)

  • I know the post is a bit old. But because I just bought Ymir, I wanted to make sure this isn't a problem.

    I didn't notice any noise with Ymir and looked at the mp3 file you uploaded. It also looks normal to me. 


  • Hi Lofe!

    Well, to hear it better, you must turn up the volume and listen to the reverb tail. 

    In a full mix, I don't think it would be a problem though...