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  • Migration hazard warning

    I jumped at the chance to download the free Fujara flute this morning. At that point, I'd decided to put off migrating to iLok till I build a new PC, hopefully in the near future.

    Anyway... got the license, and ... yada yada ... in order to use the iLok instrument, I now have to migrate all my other stuff -- and the installer doesn't overwrite or otherwise adapt to existing libraries, so I have to migrate everything off my crowded SSD to make room. That's going to take up most of my day, I think... 

  • Hello, Marcabru.

    Probably what happened is that when you installed the Fujara flute, the Synchron player version you had also got updated to the new iLok system.

    Try to install again the previous Synchron player. It worked for me.

  • You are right; that is what happened. Here we are 13 hours later and most things are installed now. 

  • took me 16-18 hours to migrate

  • Mhm... about 15 hours for me