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  • [Answered] Elite Strings Divisi clarification

    Hi good folks,

    Been looking at this example reg. divisi: Divisi Special: Synchron Elite Strings & Synchron Strings Pro Divisi Special, by Guy Bacos but I'm a little doubt about how to make use of divisi the way it was intended with Elite Strings and could use a clarification.

    I've read the manual on Divisi, which explains that divisi mixer presets are available in the Full library (which I have).

    In the video above, parallel melody lines are shown during the divisi sections, but I'm wondering if this is truly on the same track, or if it is separate tracks in a blended view intended for the video, and each of these tracks would then have Mic 1 and 2 enabled respectively? So for example a Violas Div1 (=Mic1) track and a Violas Div2(=Mic2) track?


  • Hi Christer, 

    Yes, you'd have 2 MIDI tracks, one for each section. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Golden, thank you, Paul!