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  • Synchron Player & Studio One issues


    I have Synchron player plugin in Studio One, both latest versions.

    Au plugin is not working, it doesn't load at all.

    Vst3 works fine. But it auto-generates sound variations, which are not editable.

    I can create custom sound variations only using Vst2 version, and loading it in the Vst3 version, but once i save the song and reopen it, the sound variations are different and not editable again. So i can't use Vst3.

    I could use the default Synchron presets but it auto-generates several hundreds of sound variations in nested folders which i find unusable and unreadable in the midi editor, because it shows the name of every nested folder.

    I could then use Vst2 which also allows me to create custom sound variations that are editable and that i can recall, save presets etc. Also I can stack them into layers so i don't need to create hundreds of them, but just combining the main articulations with the different variations (attack,release,vibrato,etc). 


    Only in the Vst2 version when i record a midi passage it records also the velocity and speed (if assigned to a DImension control in Synchron player) into the midi lanes. 

    So is this a bug? The Vst3 doesn't do that, and i can't think of a reason why anyone would want that to happen.

    I attach a picture showing the issue.



  • Hi Ravez,

    The very idea of SoundVariations is that there is a direct link between the Synchron Player instruments and Studio One. Whenever you make a change to your instrument (like changing a key switch or adding/moving/editing articulations), they are automatically and instantly reflected in the SoundVariations mapping.

    Only VST3 does support SoundVariations. If you want to use your own key switches, that's fine - but you can not change the activation sequences. Directly from the PreSonus SoundVarations online manual:

    Note that any instrument using Dynamic Mapping, including Studio One’s own instruments like Presence XT, has its activation sequences mapped and locked to the instrument. You cannot change these Activation Sequences, but you can trigger them from Key Switches.

    Our VST3 plugins use "Dynamic Mapping" - the very idea of SoundVariations. It's not a bug - it's intended behavior.

    Kind regards,

    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Hi Ravez, Since I use VEP and sound variation wont be reflected, I use the following workaround. Open Synchron Player, Open Patch Save Sound Variation in S1 Open VEP Plugin Set saved Sound Variation Maybe you can use this as well. Be aware that with synchron strings pro the marcato key is mapped wrong you have to change them to c7 (c#7 is displayed in S1)

  • Thanks Andreas.

    I know that only VST3 version of the Synchron player supports Dynamic mapping.

    When i asked about the bug i was talking about VST2 and AU.

    AU doesn't load Synchron at all, so does it mean it is not supported by Synchron player in S1?

    And VST2 automatically records any dimensions that are playing when i hit record, meaning if a dimension is set to velocity i will have an automation lane showing up with a curve that records the velocity, same with speed, expression etc.

    So for example i will have 2 expression lanes in the midi editor, curiously one goes from 0 to 127, the other one from 0 to 100.

    These things don't happen with VST3 which works perfectly fine but means i have to give up layered sound variations and deal with hundreds of articulations instead of a dozen.

    I don't use VEP but i could try that workflow and see how it goes, thanks FaRu.

  • Another thing I noticed when working with Synchron Player open and using a controller to write automation, i get frozen value every time there is a sound variation change. So if i ride my expression for example from min to max over a few notes, the curve will hold whatever value it is at when there is a sound variation change, for a fraction of a second, causing a stair stepping curve rather than a smooth line.

    I noticed that the playhead freezes every time there is a sound variation change and the same thing happens in Cubase with expression maps. In both cases only if Synchron player is open.

    In Cubase this doesn't affect the cc curve at least.

    In Logic where the plugin is AU this doesn't happen, it is super smooth.

    As i said before AU Synchron player doesn't even open in Studio One, so i can't test it.