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  • Is it possible to remap soft pedal midi cc?

    Hi, I usually use the expression pedal (cc 11) for the soft pedal samples and this is easy to reassign in Kontakt and UVI, but I didn’t find a way to change cc 67 for cc 11 in the Synchron player. Is not possible to remap the midi cc of the soft pedal in the player app? Thanks.

  • I don't have a VSL Piano Library with CC67 but normally you can go to the cc number in the Perform or Control view click on the little arrow and define a new CC under the control (see screenshot for cc. You just have to redefine the default CC11 Expression in the plugin to another CC, otherwise you will control both parameters with you pedal movement.


  • Many thanks for your reply, unfortunately Synchron pianos don’t have a control section, I made the same question through customer support and they answered me that is not possible to reassign the Corda midi cc.