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  • Plans to offer ethnic instruments?

    My apologies if this topic is not appropriate here, but I was immensely intrigued.

    VSL have pretty much covered the entire orchestral spectrum (and then some, with all the historic packs and other obscure instruments), and often multiple times, every time with fantastic and unrivalled detail and variety of samples.

    I was curious if there would ever be any plans to record instruments outside of the Western orchestra?

    If ever there were a VSL product of, say, a Dizi flute, with as much care and detail in the samples as they offered with their orchestral flutes; proper transition legatos, staccatos, portatos, multiple dynamics, flutter, trills, bends, grace notes, scales, arpeggios, FX, etc. etc. all in the VI Pro player with the incredible matrix system would be unrivalled in flexibility, customisability and variety.

    The same could be said for other ethnic instruments, such as the Erhu, Koto, Sheng, Shakuhachi, Bagpipes, Tin Whistles, etc. etc. - there are vast swathes of options.

    You could very easily usher in a new age of ethnic virtual instruments by maintaining that level of quality your samples are known for!

  • En accord total !!!

    Des instruments comme HARMONICA, FLUTE DE PAN, MANDOLINE, ACCORDEON ainsi que des NAPPES PLANANTES DE SYNTHETISEURS, avec l'assurance de la qualité des produits VSL, seraient plus que bienvenus.

    Le défi est lancé à VSL !!! Sera-t-elle à la hauteur pour le relever ?

    Cela vous paraît-il envisageable Paul (VSL), à terme ?



    Traduction Google :

    Totally agree !!!

    Instruments like HARMONICA, PANFLUTE, MANDOLIN, ACCORDION as well as HANGING PAD OF SYNTHESIZERS, with the assurance of the quality of VSL products, would be more than welcome.

    The challenge is launched at VSL !!! Will she be up to it ?

    Does this seem possible to you, Paul (VSL), in the long term ?


  • there's quite a few synth pads in Smart Spheres. Only, the 'oscillator' was samples.

  • Since there are already very good offers of non-Western instruments, very often made by developer from the country of origin, I would really love if VSL remained focused on the European orchestra.

    I would like very much if the extended their research on the orchestra in the Time axis, and the Dimension axis.

    - Time, by exploring ancient sonorities that have made their comeback and are now a staple part of the music repertory. Vienna is really not extraneous to the Classical and Baroque tradition!

    - Dimension, in expanding the repertory of sounds that traditional orchestral instruments can generate. Think all that has been discovered from Penderecki to Lachenmann.

    These are very little explored worlds. With their Historic Winds, Black Eye and Strings FX collection, VSL have proved to have a lot to say in these fields.