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  • Chopin's Prelude in E-Minor, orchestrated

    This short, two minute piano piece is one of my favourite pieces. I decided to orchestrate it using a simple string arrangement. It includes the special edition of Appassionata strings and layered Dimension Strings from the special edition, as well as the Oboe from the special edition. I found that the Appassionata strings did not have enough character and uniqueness, and the SE Dimension Strings added just the right amount of unique character I was looking for.

    The oboe is probably the most beautiful and underrated instruments in the orchestra and I felt like it was very appropriate for the mood of this piece. Interestingly, the piano only version sounds melancholy, almost unsettling, while the orchestrated version I arranged feels...mysterious, melancholy, and almost dreamy / sad. Anyway, hope ya'll enjoy :)

    Prelude in E Minor (Chopin)

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