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  • VEP on PC Logic on Mac and BBC Orchestra bouncing problems

    Hello, I am having problems with bounce in place in Logic, bouncing does crackles, The only way to do sometimes that works is a real time bounce. Why is that? To test I opened VEP on my PC and then opened VEP Plugin in Logic. Bounce in place or bounce generates problems, sometimes notes do. not start on time or start and fade. What issue is that? Also bouncing in real time does not give good effects. Logic Pro 10.6.3, the newest VEP 7. The most updated BBC Plugin on my PC. WIndows 10.

  • Adia, as far as I'm concerned, Logic 10.6.3 does NOT have a clean bill of health, despite someone here recommending it willy nilly to everyone. I've been finding some weird new anomalies happening in Logic 10.6.3's Environment, which leads me to suspect that all is not well with that version. My investigations are ongoing and I've no way of knowing yet if the Environment problem is or isn't related to your BIP problem.

    Perhaps you can work around the Bounce In Place problem by simply recording the audio into Logic, in the old-school way, although of course that then involves the chores of trimming and aligning the recorded audio file in Logic.

  • But it was happening to me with a previous version but not that much. SO what version does not have those problems? I am on Catalina so cannot take any newer.

  • In Logic 5, an earlier Logic 6, or what previous version?

  • I wrote, Logic 10.6.3. But this behaviour is very annoying. The only thing that helps is to bounce the track and move it to the right place, but bounce in REAL TIME only. Other wise no success, muted notes, Anyone else having this problem? I opened the new session and only one instance in the VEP to check what and why is that...

  • I can only say that I've been using Logic 10.4.8 with VEPro AU3 7.0.1050 for a long time in High Sierra without problems. No idea how it works in Catalina.

  • You said problem also there in a previous version. Which previous version?

  • I am on the 10.6.3 and here I have problems. Strange but what I noticed bounce in place has problems when I use CC1 controller. mostly. So it does not bounce as expected

  • I'll try one more time. You said:

    "But it was happening to me with a previous version but not that much. SO what version does not have those problems?"

    I'm asking:

    Which "Previous version"?

  • My mistake, I though it was NOT happening with the a previous version of Logic but I checked today 10.4.4 and here is a problem a least when I move CC1 controller, with bounce to place.

    Do you also have any problems with the BBC and VSL with logic?

  • Thanks. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Logic 10.4.4 so I can't investigate that. I don't have BBC, mostly VSL I never use BIP with my VEPro7 AU3 template - I'm not even sure if it's logically possible because I have certain custom functions going on in my Logic. If I need to print a track I record it the old way.

    Maybe someone else here can offer some help on your BIP problem. Or maybe try the other forums that cover Logic with VEPro. Sorry I can't help any more than to say I don't regard Logic 10.6.3 as a happy healthy version.