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  • [SOLVED] Old VEP project can't find Kontakt. How do I reset the filepath?

    Hey all!

    I opened a very old project recently and some software must have moved on my harddrive because VEP can't seem to find kontakt. In red letters, it shows !Kontakt5!. The template I'm attempting to load is pretty huge and it would be a massive pain to have to reload each and every instance of kontakt AND THEN have to load the various instruments into those instances (assuming I can even remember what some of them are).

    Is there an automated way to fix this? If this is a problem for this project, it is likely going to be an issue for an awful lot of other old projects.

    Vep Pro Server 7.0.1120 (64-bit).

    Windows 10 pro 64-bit - 19043.1526


  • Fixed! If anyone in the future should happen to find this, it turns out it wasn't a filepath issue in VEP as I had originally thought, but a database issue in Kontakt. Reset/Rescan didn't fix it, but competely removing all the folders, and then adding them back one by one seems to have fixed it. Though the database should automatically scan and update the next time you open Kontakt, it was a bit hit or miss for me, so I used the update each time after adding a folder. This was overly cautious on my part, but it worked so...?