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  • Update 2023: VEP 7 Now Loading VST3 Plugins

    New to VEP 7. Just installed the latest version. I added the default VST3 path C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 in the options plugin folder. But even with reset and scan VEP does not load any of the VST3 I have.

    Among them are Kontakt, OPUS, and many others. What could be wrong?

  • It's nothing you're doing - VEP 7 server only supports VST2 (which is a bad as Drumcore is only VST3)

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    @PeteC57 said:

    It's nothing you're doing - VEP 7 server only supports VST2 (which is a bad as Drumcore is only VST3)

    Thank you for confirming. I read various place in the product description that says VST 3 is supported. But I guess it means it VEP itself is VST 3. As recently as a few months ago, it's still not clear the ETA for VST 3 support. I think I'll hold off on purchasing VEP 7 in case VST 3 is added in VEP 8 and requires an upgrade.

  • I'm confident VSL will add VST3 hosting eventually, but they have stated numerous times, they don't have a timeline for when.  

    There are very few plugins that only run as VST3.  You should also be aware that the VST3 protocol has some inherent flaws which generally make it preferable to use the VST2 version of an instrument whenever you have the option to choose VST2 or VST3.  This is particularly applicable to instruments plugins, which is the main point of using VePro.

    If you have some particular plugin which is only available as VST3, there is also the possibility that you can use KushView Element, BlueCatAudio Patchworks or something similar inside VePro to host that one plugin..the rest of your plugins, its a better choice to use the VST2 version anyway.

    I only mention this because VePro7 is a fantastic product and if you have a reason to use it, I would not let the VST3 issue hold you back.  By the way there is no guarantee that even VePro8 will provide VST3 hosting, VSL has never promised anything for VST3 other then its on their long term radar.  These other work arounds will get you going and in my opinion you are better off using the VST2 versions of all of your instrument plugins that support it in any case.

    Steinberg is getting increasingly strict about VST3 the future it may become more mandatory for VePro to support hosting VST3 plugins...but in my view today in 2022, its really only a few isolated cases where VST3 support is truly needed, and the rest of the time you are better off using VST2.

  • For anyone looking for a solution to this on windows, this is it...

  • Clarification - my screenshots in subsequent post -  use case:

    • VE Pro running in a networked slave PC
    • Kontakt 7 (VST3) running inside Kushview Element
    • Windows 10 64bit on both machines (not that this even matters)
    • Cubase 12 Pro sending the midi signals from other computer / controllers (again, not hugely relevant)

  • I've attached a screenshot of how easy it is to route Kontakt 7 (for example of a VST3) inside VE Pro 7 using Kushview Element.

    You can Set the VE PRO Plugin MIDI In to whatever, and have --All-- midi channels, then have Kontakt 7 inside Kushview with a multi containing midi ins for all 16 channels if you like.

    Couple of tricks - e.g. starting the standalone Kushview first to scan plugins and set Midi in/out preferences, then they're visible in the plugin version that you add to Ensemble Pro Server. But there are great (and short!) tutorial vids on youtube of Kushview routing and setup etc.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hi,

    interesting ...

    What about the delay compensation? Do VSL can detect latency of a plugin loaded inside the chainer?


  • So the VSL Newsletter in 11/28 said "We’re happy to announce that Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 with VST3 hosting capability will be available as a free update in December, 2022. Get it now at its lowest price ever!"

    Did VSL miss this, or is it coming today or on Saturday? :)

  • Hopefully not.  Been itching to work on my new Dorico template!

  • Hi styledelk,

    Great forum name there!

    We have been in close contact with quite some 3rd party developers to guarantee VST3 functionality. Unfortunately, not all VST3 issues can be resolved from our side exclusively - but most importantly: We want to get this right and some fixes took a bit longer than anticipated.

    Definitely looking at a release of this update in the first week of the new year!

    Thanks for your understanding and patience!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you sir! Have a nice holiday. I totally understand. 

  • Hi everybody, 

    Finally: VST3 plug-ins are now supported in VE Pro 7!

    Get your new version with your Vienna Assistant and let us know how you like it!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    VST3 plugin hosting works like a charm for the plugs i have. I will dive deeper this weekend, but at first glance everything loads, responds as should.

  • I'm sorry.  No VST3 plugin is loaded in my Windows10.
    I hope someone can help

  • Do you have version 7.2.1481?    (iLok only)

    Dorico, Notion, Sibelius, StudioOne, Cubase, Staffpad VE Pro, Synchon, VI, Kontakt Win11 x64, 64GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, August Forster 190
  • Yes Bill, correct

  • Thank you Andreas 8420.

    I have uninstalled VEPRO.

    Restarted the PC.

    Installed the version at

    The installer asked me the correct folder for 32bit version, the folder for VST2 and nothing else.

    I started VEPRO and it started to scan plugins and after a long time nothing happens.

    The Skip command did not works. The only thing to do was to cancel the scanning.

    No VST3 was loaded.

    I repeated the full process two times with the same results

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    @Bill said:

    Do you have version 7.2.1481?    (iLok only)


    Yes Bill, correct