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    Thanks for the replies which as I mentioned gave me a better perspective. 

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    William, you knew that it would end like that. Why do you even read that stuff? One of the best forum-features is the "Ignore"-list, and that's what you should use. BTW: I suspect that he (she?) is mostly writing about him/herself, actually:

    @Another User said:

    It's all depressing, dreary, self-indulgent and rather pretentious seriousness

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you Dietz and Macker

  • Bill, I'm dumbfounded. I've started and restarted this post a half-dozen times, each time adding another point-by-point refutation of this screed. But I finally came to the conclusion that there is really nothing to refute. This dude/dudette actually said...absolutely nothing. Generalities, insults, spurious claims of knowledge of Truth regarding the nature of music itself. But on 2nd look, it is 850 words of unsubstantiated simulated-intellectual drivel that B&B would have stated so much more eloquently:

    "Huh...Huh...Thith thuckth, Beavith." "!...heh...heh..."

    No, the only thing that I am left with is a profound curiosity as to what form of mental illness or social retardation is on display here. What would motivate or drive someone to this type of behavior? What pleasure or satisfaction does it elicit? What forces, what missteps in a person's upbringing would lead him/her to believe that this was an appropriate way to engage other human beings in debate over the merits of a musical composition? Kind of pathetic when you think about it.

    As for your Romantic Symphony, Bill, if I were to learn that I am the person who has listened to it from beginning to end more often than anyone but you, yourself, I would not be surprised. Every time I do, I hear something new, something surprising, something that touches me. It is a tremendous accomplishment; thank you for sharing it.

    As always, I'm looking forward to hearing your next creation.


    PS: If enjoying your music makes me an "ignorant, uncultivated Zimmero├»d pleb that has no taste or qualifications to appreciate the finer things in music," then it is a description I will bear with pride. I think I'll have it printed on a T-shirt! T

  • [Edited in support of the OP edit]

    Indeed a noble edit of the OP, William. That particular ham-fisted hatchet job - which masquerades execrably as a respectable review of your very lovely Romantic Symphony - certainly does not warrant any further "oxygen of publicity". Well done Sir.

  • Tom, thanks very much - I appreciate that and it really gives me some perspective.  Macker, that is definitely a similar situation - I will check out that video with some trepidation.

  • Macker, for some reason I had not seen your signature line - I love it!  And so appropriate!  

  • Hi William,

    I can't imagine what this discussion is all about, but I guess it's ways beyond the question.

    The only thing that really matters here is your Romantic Symphony. It's simple a monument of skill, talent and musical insight and of course years of experience and knowledge of the orchestra.



  • That sounds excellent.

  • Acclarion, Is that a quote?

  • Jos, thanks

  • You're quite right, William. I see forums disappearing because of too little interest. I noticed that there are very few to none comments on pieces which seem to be worth being commented on. I experience huge indifference and negativity. Is this the spirit of the time? Is this a new attitude towards creativity and art? I truly hope not!

    But it has been mentioned here by a number of members: don't seek recognition or admiration on forums. Find it in yourself and your work, your art, your insights. Quality is the most convincing and it will find listening ears eventually. (Alas, our lifetime is often too short to wait that long...)

    With great respect,


  • thanks again, Jos

  • I can agree with that!

    However, let's enjoy the "things of beauty" as long as we can. That at least is something worth living for, how subjective it may be... and we don't need any so called friends for that.


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