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  • Little Dimension icon...

    Regarding the Sync Strings Pro... (or maybe any Sync Library), in the GUI overview,

    at the top of each Dimension, next to the Key Switch or controller assignment, is a small icon with what looks like 3 layered pieces of paper (if the layers were round, I'd take this to represent an old-school HD icon). Some of them are colored blue, some not. In my current project, none of them are colored in. Try as I might, I have not found an explanation for what these little icons represent, let alone the difference between highlighted/on or not.

    Thanks in advance of any info.

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    Hi jimchik,

    The blue button shows whether Parallel Mode is on!

    May I ask: Where did you look for information?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Thanks, Paul.

    I looked through the on-line Synchron player manual:

    GUI Overview

    Dimension Tree View

    I couldn't find where it explained the Blue icon.

  • Ok... I just looked again at the Dimension Tree page. I understand it better, and this in fact may help to clear up a couple of things, specifically why I can't seem to manually select the articulation I want, when the icon is blue (on).

    Thanks, again.