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  • Vienna software through third parties

    I am considering buying some libraries through sweetwater, do these purchases act exactly as they do if I were to purchase them through VSL directly?

    That is, as I understand it, Ymir and Zodiac as I understand it are free for those that have the rest of BBO, if I were to purchase the remaining libraries through sweetwater, would I still receive these products free of charge?

    I am assuming bundles also work? If I had bought some MIR room packs through sweetwater and some through VSL's own website, if I wanted to "complete the bundle" so to speak, I assume the purchases through sweetwater would be considered as already purchased and allow me to save by completing the budle?

    Does license activation work the same way? I receive a key, plug it into the elicenser, it downloads the license, I install the software, and off I go? How do I register a sweetwater purchase with VSL's website so my license appears in my account section of VSL's website?

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    You can purchase our products wherever you like, they will be added to your account the same way, through our online dealer interface. Different dealers, different sales policies (e.g., concerning product returns). 

    Sweetwater usually orders once a day, so you might have to wait a little until the order is through. You provide your dealer with the email address you registered with VSL and that's it. 

    You can also complete bundles through your dealer, the prices are calculated the same way. 

    Installation works just the same 😊. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks much, I might do this then, and I assume once I purchase and sweetwater does their purchase, it will show up on VSL's website under my account in exactly the same way it does purchasing from VSL directly?

  • Hi, 

    That's correct, our dealer interface adds the products to your account, no matter where you purchase. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL