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  • sustaining long notes

    Not sure, actually, what best to label this issue as..

    • VEP7/DP 11.04
    • SSD's all the way around

    An ongoing problem is notes not sustaining every time. Often (but not always), and across different instruments, I'll want a long note, but Vienna doesn't let it happen. But sometimes, it does. Is this an issue of X-faded velocities, overlapped attacks, or what? Since I have this issue with many different instruments, it has to be the software, right? And I've wasted way too much time adjusting velocities, KS's, note durations from within the DAW, thinking it's something I'm doing wrong.

    Thanks in advance for shedding any light on this.

  • Hi jimchik, 

    Please send such a SMALL project that shows what's going on to, along with a detailed description of your setup and maybe a video that captures what you experience. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the reply, Paul. I'll work on putting something appropriate together to send you.

  • Maybe this isn't your issue, but when I started using VSL instruments, I didn't realize that many (all?) of the "legato" patches will not sustain for long. (You have to use a sustain or legato-sustain for that). So I was puzzled as to why my sustained notes were dropping suddenly. 

  • Well, you've brought up a seemingly good possibility.

    yes, the problem happens across seemingly all sustained instruments. However, in a 7 bar passage with two clarinets, both using the same instrument in VEP (01 KLB Perf-Universal), and with the passages simply playing in harmony, but rhythmically similar, there's a drop-out on the 2nd Clarinet note after 1 1/2 measures (dotted 1/4 = 62). The 1st Clarinet doesn't drop out. And swapping the playback assignment channels renders the same anomaly. No drop pout Cl 1, drop out Cl 2 (always in the same place).

    Sussing this out would go a long way toward saving a lot of time in building these mock-ups.

    Thanks in advance for furthering the discussion.