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  • High load on VEPro with only a few instances!


    Today I thought I would give the paradigm: One instrument - one instance a try in Cubase. This approach will make the mixing process much easier I think. So I created 16 instances in VEPro7 on my Server 2 - a Mac Pro 5.1 12core with 48 gigs - each holding an instrument from the new Synchron Woodwinds library. Those 16 instances "lived" next to 3 instances: Percussion from Synchron Perc, the same woodwinds collection, with all 16 instruments in one instance and finally one instance with the Synchron Harp.

    The moment I connected the 16 instances with woodwinds, the VEPro server stopped playing. All 12 cores on my old Mac server was completely overloaded. Even WITHOUT the seq running! Clearly this wasn't a good idea.

    Now I tried the same set-up in Studio One - using VST3 - with precisely the same result. Even with the transport stopped, VEPro shows 1900% in CPU use! The memory is down with only 12 gigs. The 16 channels with the Synchron Woodwinds was around 75% even without playing! Changing the dropout protection from Low to High, made the VEPro server breathing again, and the project could be played okay, but now had 53ms latency on the 

    Then I started Logic, and using AU and AU3, there was barely any activity on the CPU on the server!   Even with a buffer on 64 samples, the track was playing okay as long as I hadn't selected one of the VEPro tracks!

    So with VST3 everything stopped even with the transport stopped and with AU3 in Logic Pro X the project worked!

    Is there a deeper wisdom hidden in all this, that I miss?

    Any help much appreciated!!

    Regards Stig