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  • Suspended Cymbals, Rolls with VelXF

    Dear Forum

    I just try to make a velocity Crossfaded Roll on Suspended Cymbals

    Patch 13 Cy-Zil-K18 Soft Mall (just one example)

    I put Vel XF on On (manually in Perform, as well as on Patch Level tested with Global and On) but however I move the Slider nothing happens

    Am I doing anything wrong? Or is this not expected to work at all? 



  • Hello!

    There are different variants of rolls mapped. With VelXF activated, some are prepared for choosing the dynamic layer (without crossfading) and some are prepared for crossfading. If you trigger a key in the range A5 to C#6, the crossfades should work. You can look up the detailed mapping information in the Synchron Percussion I library manual.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Sorry, I completely missed this (kind of blind)

    Thanks for the fast answer!