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  • Automating channels on/off & using Cubase? Look here!

    In VEPro it’s possible to automate enabling/disabling a channel in an instance. This is very important because I can load a huge template in VEPro in no time, and only activate the channels I need.

    This can be done by using a CC, and I have selected CC 101. Sending a value of 0, turns the channel on, sending a value of 127 turns off the channel.
    So the idea is, to create a MIDI block in the beginning of a track, and the first time the sequence is running, the CC 101 - 0, is send to VEPro and the channel will be activated.
    Now it seems that every time I select a new articulation with the help of a VST expression, Cubase sends the CC 101 - 0, which causes VEPro to “hick-up”.
    I have also tried CC 15, and it’s the same problem.
    The same track runs fine, if I use old fashion key switches!
    Now I just use a button on my Metagrid to turn on the channels I need, waiting for VSL to give us activation by MIDI! ;-)

  • HI Stig, 

    Thanks for reporting. 

    Can you please send us such a simple example to reproduce the behaviour, with step-by step instructions and a link to this thread?


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Well it seems that it all depends on HOW Cubase/Nuendo is chasing CC's.
    Go to preferences/MIDI/Chase Events and REMOVE check mark in:

    "Chase not limited to Part Boundaries"

    By removing the check mark (if any) Cubase will only chase events INSIDE the part!

    This has solved the problem!

    So: It seems that it's okay to automate channels on/off from the track as long as the automation CC (I have only tested this with CC's) is kept in a separate MIDI part and the "Chase not limited to Part Boundaries" is NOT checked.

    Regards Stig