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  • Full Synchron Libraries vs Big Bang Orchestra Libraries

    After a big five-year break from music composition, I finally started doing some music. I am so thrilled with what I see with all the new VSL libraries like Synchron and Big Bang Orchestra.

    I have a question pertaining to the Synchron vs BBO libraries. I am wondering if I buy a full Synchron library, for example, "Synchron Woodwinds", would this make buying also the BBO woodwinds redundant? Or does BBO have something that the Synchron library does not have? For example, the BBO Neptune (Tutti Woodwinds)? I guess my question is under what circumstances someone would buy both the BBO and the Synchron Library equivalent.

    Thank you and keep up the amazing work!


  • I know that in regards to the new Synchron Brass and Synchron Woodwinds, they both come with the respective BBO Libraries. So, yes, buying both the Synchron Woodwinds and the BBO Versions of the woodwinds would be redundant. 

    Typically what happens is that if you already own the BBO libraries, there may be some discounts when purchasing the Synchron libraries. If you check out the "Info" tab on the product pages, it'll usually show what kind of discount you get towards the Synchron libraries! I hope this helps!

  • Great, thank you for the clarification!