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  • Another confusing Synchron player behavior (I won't call it a bug...)

    I keep having problems when I click on one cell it moves me to another cell in the next higher level.

    For example, I have a "Xfades" level that has "Regular" and "Slurred".  Then for each of those levels there's a sub-level with "Senza Vib", "Regular Vib" and "Molto Vib".

    If I have the "Regular" cell selected then I can click on the "Senza Vib" and "Regular Vib" sub-levels and they get selected.  But if I click on the "Molto Vib" cell under "Regular" then the "Regular" level moves to "Slurred".

    So the upshot is there's no way to select the "Molto Vib." below the "Regular" cell.

    I'm attaching some images that will hopefully explain what I'm talking about.

    Anybody know of a way around this issue?




  • OK nevermind on this one - it's because they shared CC5.  But I didn't set CC5 for the XFades level - it got was set automatically when I changed something in some other part of the tree.

    I have a separate thread asking how to solve that problem.

    Gotta say, I think Synchron player has some potential but I'm just not getting the hang of it...

  • I already explained this in the other thread you opened about the same issue, but basically you are again using the same controller (DIM CTRL A) to control 2 different dimensions (named X Fades and Vibrato XFade).

    You need to assign a controller to one type only of a dimension (like DIM CTRL A for vibrato XFades and DIM CTRL B or whatever you choose for the legato type in this case, so it can switch from regular to slurred legato type).

    Also keep the dimension names consistent so if you choose a color for your dimension it will update that everywhere it has the same name and controller.

    Hope that makes sense?

    Basically any controller you choose is just a way to select the cells in the dimensions, so of course when selecting the cell molto vibrato in the Vibrato XFade dimension you are setting the DIM CTRL A to a high value and since you are (mistakenly) using that same controller for another dimension that controls different cells now anything using the DIM CTRL A will trigger a high value, which means it will switch your other dimension XFades to the higher value, triggering the slurred cell.

    It is very logical actually once you understand the principle and it works great.

  • Hi Ravez - thanks for the reply.  However, my experience is that my issue is with the group links, as Paul noted in the other thread.  I checked and I have several dimensions with the same name and different controllers and they work fine.  Honestly I don't pay attention to the titles at the top of each column.

    I'm building my template by modifying the VSL-provided presets so some of the names don't make sense.  But that's not the source of my problem.  My problem is that the VSL-provided presets have pre-defined group links that I can't seem to get rid of.

    At any rate, let's let this thread sit.  The other thread is my real problem.  But I can't figure out how to delete this thread... just like I can't figure out how to delete the group links in the Synchron player.

  • Hi, 

    You cannot delete group links. They are a very helpful part of preset building and once they are established, there are also some automation features that make it easier to work with all the options. 

    My suggestion: Create a new group and assign the slots you want to edit to new groups. If you don't want them linked, simply use one group per slot. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL