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  • Synchron Perc III presets and patches missing in player

    I just purchased the Synchron Perc bundle and everything shows up fine except for the Perc III presets and patches: they're missing.

    I confirmed the license is on my dongle and the files are installed in the specified directory but none of the Perc III presets/patches appear in the player.

    I re-downloaded and re-installed the Perc III files but that didn't fix the problem. I also deleted all Synchron Percussion directories from the database and then re-added them.  As before, the Perc I and II presets/patches appeared just fine but the Perc III presets/patches are still missing.

    Anybody have any ideas on what do do?



  • Hello Richard!

    Please make sure that you have the latest version of the eLicenser Control Center and the available library updates installed.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • OK thanks.

    I installed the latest eLicenser and rebooted and that seems to have done it.

    Interestingly, I had to reboot before the eLicenser update would run.  It said there was something running that was using the license but there were no apps running.  So there must have been some rogue process that was messing with the licenses.

    Anyway, seems to be working correctly now.