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  • Synchron Strings Pro. Long equivalent to staccato FF


    On Synchron Strings Pro, I have been using recently using staccato FF, but I have a problem when these short notes end on a long note. The only long accentuated long note articulation I find is the marcato/sfz, which is much much weaker (I think that the Dynamics/Sforzato is the same patch ). I end up using staccato FF on low Expression and Vel.XF and suddenly moving to high values when I arrive on the long note.

    Is there a more elegant way to deal with that ?

  • Hi,

    I also encountered this problem. The staccato fortissimo patch is VERY loud compared to any other patch.

    Also, there doesnt seem to be a long/legato fortissimo patch. Having the velXF and expression at max, the patches sound very "weak" compared to e.g. Synchron Brass.