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  • VEP 7 Crashing

    I've been using VEP for years with no real problems.  But, I've now run into a problem with repeated crashes of VEP 7.  I 'm using the latest upgrade, but the problem was the same on the prior version.  

    I'm working with 3 Macs.  The master is a 2020 iMac with Big Sur 11.6.1.  The two support computers are iMacs with Catalina 10.15.7.  My DAW is Digital Performer 11.02.  I'm using the latest versions of plug-ins.  I have a wide variety of plug-ins including IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X and Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.

    For some reason, the crashes occur more often after the machines have been on for a while.  I'll click on a plug-in in VEP and and instead of the plug-in opening - VEP crashes.  It seems to happen more with some plug-ins than others.

    One interesting thing is that if I open the plug-in directly in my DAW and not involve VEP at all, there is no problem and no crashing.  I've been in touch with several software supports including VSL and it remains a mystery.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  If so, please let me know your experiences and any possible solutions.