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  • SINE player makes VEPro 7 chrash


    Yesterday I updated my SINE player (Orchestral Tools) to latest version. Now I can't launch any of the SINE channels in my VEPro 7 server - on PC.
    I'm a Mac guy, so I don't know how to "persuade" my PC/VEPro 7/SINE to behave.

    Can anybody help me?

    What happens is that I get a box saying: VST: SINE Player - Could not open plugin.

    VEPro 7 version: 7.0.1120

    Regards Stig

  • Hi!

    This is usually caused by having multiple SINE Player plugins on your system.

    Probably you have installed the SINE plugin into a different folder than the previous version. Search for all SINE Player.dll on your system, delete all of them and re-install.

    that should hopefully do the trick :)

    Tobias (QA Lead at OT)

  • Yes you were right.
    I got confused where to find the VST plug-ins in the Windows set-up, now it's working!