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  • VEP7 crashes without trace after switching to a new Vienna Key

    I broke my Vienna Key and after installing a new one VEP7 started to crash without trace just from clicking around without any sequencer running. When it does not crash from it, it crashes during playing. There is no crash log anywhere, just a couple of log files, that do not reveal much. While correlation does not mean causation, nothing changed except the key. All plugins used in the projects have been working without major problems for several years. Options tried:

    1. Contacted support, case 433726. No interest shown. (I'm not considering three emails in three days from two different people with general questions as an evidence of any interest).
    2. Reinstalled all Vienna software and eLicenser - did not help.
    3. Downgraded VEP7, VI2.5 and Logic to the previous known stable versions - did not help.

    macOS version 11.6.1

    Any ideas?

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    I finally managed to have a clear case of the crash, see the attachment. I does not happen in another VST host (Ableton Live), so I presume it is not the plugin fault. I hope it gets attention from support people, as my last email to the support got no response.

  • Hi michkhol,

    Your initial support request was actually related to Vienna Instruments Pro - the case was with our developers for investigation since then, but unfortunately they weren´t able to find the exact cause for this crash yet.

    Now as far as Falcon is concerned, there seems indeed to be an incompatibility with VE Pro, especially when changing the output channels in Falcon - I am afraid there is not much we can do in this respect, please also contact UVI in this matter.

    Generally, please send the Sentry Reports, which are generated when VE Pro crashes and which include your system ID, with a short description of what you did before the crash happened, as well as your email address, to us - our development team monitors these crash logs and we can only assign these reports to your cases, if we also have your address!

    Best, Marnix