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  • Any need for Vienna Ensemble 6 as an owner of VEP7?

    As a license owner of VEP7, is there any reason to continue to keep Vienna Ensemble 6 (not pro) installed?

    A primary reason I am asking is because of the hassle that VE6 has become. For whatever reason, it often becomes an interrupter of other music software during their VST scans. Specifically, during a scan of another program (can be Samplitude, Studio One, today it was Finale), VE6 when scanned -- opens up and begins its own scan. It then must finish before the music program I'm scanning can resume its scan. Seriously annoying. (No such issue with VEP7).

    This happens on both my Windows 10 machines. 

    I'm presuming I can just uninstall it and move on. Can anyone speak into this?

    Many thanks, Craig

  • Hi Craig, 

    Yes, you can uninstall VE 6 without any troubles. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL