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  • Problem With Synchron Brass and cubase


    I'm encountering strange behaviors with synchron Brass and Cubase pro. I have the lasts updates of everything.

    I'm using VEP too.

    So when I play some notes (on horn 1 for exemple) everything is fine when you have midi note. But between the note gaps a lot of CC parameters / velocity (like marcato attack..) are going to a king of default value.

    So It create some unatural FX between two notes or at the end of a note...

    It appears only with synchron brass, not in synchron string I or Pro, nor in Sync'ed WW, or BBO...

    Could you help me to fix this issue, I'm sure it's a simple thing But I can't find it.


    Thanks in advance



  • I have the same problem on Windows 10 + Cubase Pro 11. First I thought I've of my midi controllers is broken. A workaround for now is to always have a CC track, because this overrides these weird jumps.

  • Hi, I'm using Windows 10, Cubase 11 pro and VE Pro as well. I haven't actually used Synchron brass yet; I'm currently designing a synchron template and will probably finish setting up the brass today. Will try to reproduce this when done.

    Does the problem occur with all patches, or only specific ones? Does it happen loading the synchron player directly in Cubase as well as using VE Pro?

    Kind regards