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  • How to set Vepro default instance to plugin window view ?


    Before the last update I was recalling Vienna ensemble 7 project as I saved it (Catalina). I have several instances in a project with Kontakt loaded. In each instance I could see my Kontakt window open, which is a time saver. Now I have the mixer view only and I need to click the plugin to get the kontakt window. It happens everytime I re-open a logic project...How can I set it definitly Vepro to plugin window as it was before the update ?

    Thank you

  • Wait for a new update soon (well I hope) to fix it...

  • I'm still having this issue, stuck on mixer view on restart instead of plugin view. I also have a lot of problems since the last updates, vsl plugin can't find server,  a lot of crash when closing logic AND a lot more latency. I don't know what you did with these updates because I didn't change anything on my side. Catalina/Logic

  • Hi Arlanda, 

    Can you please tell us which version of VE Pro worked for you?

    VE Pro 7.2.1516 (current version) should fix all connectivity issues (at least it did for all the users we are in touch with, and in all reproducible scenarios we could set up here). 

    Thanks for the additional information, I know you're in touch with Andreas from Support already!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • If it's helpful at all, I'm demoing 7.2.1516 and after selecting View > Save Default Window Layout while looking at the Instrument window, reloading the Server Project now opens looking at the Instrument window.

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    yes but only for the active Window (show) instance, all the other instance show mix console...😔

  • Hi!

    It doesn't matter if the underlying issue has been fixed in the meanwhile - if your projects have been re-saved with the "wrong" view, then that's how those projects/instances will open.


    VSL Team | Product Specialist & Media Editing
  • Well, I spoke too soon. Sometimes it behaves as I previously described and how VSL stated it should work, and other times when I boot up VSL every instance is looking at the mixer. I have seen no pattern to indicate why.

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