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  • How best to use MIR Synchron stage to match Synchron series libraries?

    I am using Synchron percussion but my winds, brass and strings are all staged in the MIR Synchron room.

    How can I best match the mics for the standard library with that of MIR mic selection?

    A Decca Tree is not provided (I think all stereo mics in MIR are coincident?).

    How can I blend the room images to match?

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    Hi Craig,

    I provided two different versions of Synchron Stage Vienna as "MIRx-Mode" presets for MIR Pro, covering more or less all Vienna Instruments (which is what I think you refer to as "standard library, don't you?), plus additional "General Purpose" settings for 3rd-party signals.


    The collection I created for the "Wide" orientation of Synchron Stage was made as an equivalent to my favourite Synchron Instruments setup "Surround to Stereo Downmix Wide".


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library