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  • Which strings library can sound most like this?

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    Hey everyone, first time poster on this forum, but I've been a fan of VSL for a long time. I recently purchased Elite Strings during the black friday sale (how can you resist right?).

    I'm currently writing a piece and there's a specific type of sound I have in mind that I'm trying to get with the strings. It sounds like this:

    I'm specifically referring to the strings playing that quickish up and down line.

    Can this type of sound be achieved with elite strings? If not, which vsl library would be best suited to that? It sounds a little bit more raw and "wood-like" I guess. Or perhaps there's some other instruments layered over the strings to produce that effect?

    Thanks for the help!

  • I just read the first phrase and started listening. While I listening, I thought: I think you can do this with Elite strings. With some legato patches and at the end with some shrt patches. I think it is worh a try. Good luck

  • Vanceism7, welcome to the 'mad house', Lol. 

    I'd suggest that not only is SS Elite capable of that sound but also SS I or SS Pro.

    Sometimes the trick is to get under the hood and tweak the envelope of a patch, using "Wave Start Offset" (possibly with a smidgen of "Start Offset Attack" adjustment too) in the Edit tab parameter list; and perhaps also "Release" time in Edit tab or in the Performance tab. I'd say this may well be one of those times. Allow yourself generous time for experimenting in this way. Once you get the hang of using these controls they're amazingly powerful and versatile.

  • Got it! I continued tweaking the settings and was able to reach a sound closer to what I was looking for. Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely have to look into those envelope settings!

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