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  • Trying to move installed Synchron-ized libraries: Resolved.

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    I've recently purchased Synchron-ized Chamber Strings and Solo Strings. After installation was complete I noticed my 1st hard drive (1 Terabyte SSD) was nearly 99% full. Thinking to make more space available, I moved the installation to a different hard drive that had much more room. However the Directory Manager would not recognized the files in their new home, so I've moved them back and everything is good to go again. 

    Wondering though about a solution to the crowded up hard drive-

    1. do I need to download the installation again as I deleted the original download and than install to a 2nd hard drive? I have other VSL libraries on that hard drive and the Directory Manager has no problem finding those.  Love all those great VSL sounds! 😎

    2. I'm wondering, do my Synchron-ized libraries have to be on the same hard drive as the original VI Libraries of Chamber Strings and Solo Strings?

    I have updated everything from top to bottom as far as VSL software goes, also e Licenser.

    Thanks in advance for all assistance. Post

  • They SY Player doesn't use the Directory Manager; that's for VI libraries.

    In the Sy Player, click on the little cog wheel in the upper right of the tool bar. There you'll see a list of installed SY libraries. Click the Plus sign  (+) under the list and add the new location.

    You'll want to re-start the player for the changes to take effect.

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  • Thanks, now I remember Paul saying that in the intro video. 

    Thanks again